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Bridgeway, Inc. Chooses Willetts Technology for Innovative Client Engagement Solution

Cumberland, Maryland, June 12, 2024 – Bridgeway, Inc. has selected Willetts Technology, based in Cumberland, Maryland, to implement their groundbreaking PUPS Check In software. This innovative solution enables mental health providers to maintain vital connections with their clients between appointments through text-based check-in surveys.

Bridgeway, Inc., a cornerstone of mental health support, has a long-standing commitment to expanding services and breaking the stigma surrounding mental health. Their primary focus is on the needs and desires of the individuals served; the development of innovative ways to achieve consumer goals, the removal of barriers that hinder access to services and the continuous enhancement of the quality of their services and the quality of life for those they serve.

The selection of Willetts Technology underscores Bridgeway’s dedication to innovation and client-centered care. The PUPS Check In software will enhance Bridgeway’s ability to engage with clients effectively, ensuring they receive the support they need between appointments.

Commenting on the partnership, Bridgeway, Inc. System of Care Director, Jessica Boock stated, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Willetts Technology to implement the PUPS Check In software. This tool aligns with our mission of providing comprehensive, compassionate care to our community. By leveraging technology to maintain connections with our clients, we can further enhance their well-being and support their journey towards mental health recovery.”

Willetts Technology specializes in developing solutions that streamline communication and improve engagement in the healthcare sector. Their PUPS Check In software has been designed to empower mental health providers to stay connected with clients in a convenient and non-intrusive manner.

“We are honored to be chosen by Bridgeway, Inc to support their important work,” said Willetts Technology CEO Jason Willetts. “Our PUPS Check In software is tailored to meet the unique needs of mental health providers, allowing them to deliver personalized engagement and support to their clients outside of traditional appointments.”

For more information about Bridgeway, Inc., visit their website at https://www.bway.org/ . To learn more about Willetts Technology and the PUPS Check In software, visit pupscheckin.com.

About Bridgeway, Inc.:
Bridgeway Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization providing community-based health and human services to a wide range of individuals in need.

Bridgeway’s programs and services reflect the diversity of human service needs within the communities served, among 20 counties in Illinois. Bridgeway’s three core programs are: Behavioral Health Services, Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities Services and Community and Center Based Employment Opportunities for people with disabilities.

Bridgeway’s roughly 600 dedicated staff serve approximately 10,000 individuals each year.

About Willetts Technology:
Willetts Technology is a software development company based in Cumberland, Maryland, specializing in healthcare solutions. With a focus on innovation and client-centered care, Willetts Technology develops software tools to streamline communication, enhance engagement, and improve outcomes in the healthcare sector. Their PUPS Check In software enables mental health providers to maintain vital connections with clients between appointments through text-based check-in surveys.

Media Contact:
Jason Willetts

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