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LINKS Resource Center of Alaska Selects Willetts Technology for PUPS Check In and PUPS EHR Solutions Empowering Mental Health Providers in the Mat-Su Region

Cumberland, Maryland, June 21, 2024 – LINKS Resource Center has chosen Willetts Technology, based in Cumberland, Maryland, to implement both the PUPS Check In and PUPS EHR software solutions in the Summer of 2024 These innovative tools will enable mental health providers to maintain vital connections with their clients between appointments and streamline electronic health records management.

LINKS Resource Center, a long-standing repository in the mental health community, is dedicated to providing comprehensive resources, advocacy, and connections to improve lives. With a strong focus on individuals with disabilities, seniors, veterans, and families with children with disabilities, LINKS Resource Center offers a wide range of programs tailored to meet diverse needs and ensure every individual receives the support they need to thrive.

The selection of Willetts Technology testifies to LINKS Resource Center’s dedication to innovation and client-centered care. The PUPS Check In software will enhance LINKS Resource Center’s ability to effectively engage with clients, ensuring they receive the support they need between appointments. Additionally, the PUPS EHR system will optimize the management of electronic health records, improving efficiency and accuracy in client care.

Christine Hundley, HUMS Program Director, at LINKS Resource Center, commented on the partnership: “We are excited to partner with Willetts Technology to implement the PUPS Check In and PUPS EHR software. These tools perfectly align with our mission of delivering comprehensive, compassionate care to our community. By utilizing this technology across our various programs, we can better maintain connections with our clients and efficiently manage health records. I look forward to how this will significantly enhance the well-being of our diverse audiences and support their path towards improved health and independence.”

Willetts Technology specializes in developing solutions that optimize communication and improve engagement in the healthcare sector. Their PUPS Check In software empowers mental health providers to stay connected with clients in a convenient and non-intrusive manner, while the PUPS EHR system facilitates electronic health records management through seamless integration and support.

“We are honored to be chosen by LINKS Resource Center to support their impactful work,” said Jason Willetts, CEO of Willetts Technology. “Our PUPS Check In and PUPS EHR software are tailored to meet the unique needs of mental health providers, allowing them to deliver personalized engagement and support to their clients outside of traditional appointments, and manage health records efficiently.”

For more information about LINKS Resource Center, visit their website at https://linksprc.org/ . To learn more about Willetts Technology and the PUPS Check In and PUPS EHR software, visit https://www.PUPSSoftware.com

About LINKS Resource Center:

LINKS Resource Center is a vital hub for mental health support and community services in the Mat-Su region. Driven by a powerful board and a dedicated workforce, LINKS is known for providing high-quality, individualized services while improving lives through resources, advocacy, and connections. The center offers a wide range of programs specially designed for veterans, parents, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities including the Aging and Disability Resource Center, the Community Parent Resource Center, the Veteran Directed Care program, and the High Utilizer Mat-Su (HUMS) program.

About Willetts Technology:

Willetts Technology is a software development company based in Cumberland, Maryland, that has been servicing the healthcare industry for over 20+ years. Focused on innovation and client-centered care, Willetts Technology develops software tools to optimize communication, enhance engagement, and improve outcomes. Trusted by over 30 health service organizations nationwide, their PUPS Check In software enables mental health providers to maintain vital connections with clients between appointments through text-based check-in surveys, while the PUPS EHR system facilitates efficient management of electronic health records.

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